StandProud UK Charity Number: 1132615

StandProud's UK Charity Commission Page

We are a British organisation working in partnership with StandProud USA
(, a US registered not for profit  that has successfully provided assistance and support to disabled youth and children in DR Congo for over 10 years.

Please watch the video below for aconcise description of the work that StandProud UK and StandProud USA support together in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

StandProud provides:
to children and youth living with disabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Underlying all of StandProud UK and StandProud USA’s activities is a strong
commitment to the beliefs that:

• all physically disabled persons should have access to the orthopedic equipment they require, in order to achieve maximum possible dignity, mobility and independence.

• a healthy society is one which permits and encourages the full integration of the physically disabled into all of its normal social and economic activities.

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