Poliomyelitis ("polio") is a viral disease which can damage motor nerves, and leave its victims (boys somewhat more often than girls) with paralyzed muscles in the legs, arms, chest and/or back. It is spreads via contaminated water or food entering the mouth. Though it attacks primarily children, unvaccinated adults can also fall victim to the disease. (Franklin D. Roosevelt contracted the disease at age 39, before becoming President of the United States, and walked with canes and leg braces for the rest of his life.)

Once common in many parts of the world, polio was virtually eradicated in developed countries in the 1950´s with the development of effective vaccines. The disease is still found in some developing countries, however, particularly in Africa.

The first sign of a polio attack is just a simple fever, not noticeably different than fevers associated with many other diseases. After the onset of the fever, limbs may grow limp. Though most children who contract the disease never develop any paralysis, and others experience only minor temporary effects, a significant percentage of victims are left with permanent incapacitating nerve damage.

The Difference Bracing Can Make


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