Spinal Cord Injury

In 2004, ACDF assisted its first cases of spinal cord injury, enabling four youths who were previously immobile to stand up, walk, and return to school.

Elie and Cedric (pictured below) were both injured in accidents.

Paty and Cikuru were wounded in the back by stray bullets during the Rwanda-Congo war of 1998-2003.

These initial successes encouraged StandProud to continue accepting beneficiaries with spinal cord injuries who had sufficient arm strength to use canes. Now as many as 10 a year are helped.

Soldiers Banzani, Bayito and Musoki -- all of whom, injured during the war, were confined to wheelchairs for years before coming to StandProud -- are among the most satisfied StandPrond beneficiaries of all time.

One beneficiary with a spinal cord injury -- whose real name is Mwayi Mbulu but who for a long time was affectionately called simply "Cas Grave" (French for "Severe Case") by others at the center because it took so many months of work just to get him to the point where he was able to stand for more than a few seconds without falling and for whom extensive physical therapy had produced no positive results -- eventually was able to stop using braces and canes completely. He now walks (and runs) with only a slight limp and actually earns a living walking around Kinshasa selling shoes.

For a child who has not been able to stand or walk for many years and moves around only by crawling on all fours,just £300 will cover the costs of  two full-length leg braces.

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