Sponsor a Child's Education

StandProud believes that it is particularly important that physically disabled children be given an opportunity to obtain an education, and that they be "mainstreamed" into the same schools as non-disabled children. Both by creating a class of educated disabled persons, and by giving many non-disabled youth exposure to disability at an early age through the sharing of classrooms, StandProud's education support program works to bring down damaging stereotypes about disability still widespread in the society.

Unfortunately, poverty in DR Congo has worsened to the level at which many parents cannot afford to pay school fees for all of their children. Often a disabled child will have lowest priority for school attendance when a family's resources are limited.

To ensure that disabled youth do not get excluded from educational opportunity during this period of extreme financial crisis in DR Congo, StandProud has established a long-term education support program in which donors' contributions cover school fees for disabled children while they are in primary and secondary school.

The program has two options corresponding to the two different types of students that StandProud supports.

  • £0.50 per day (£15/month, £180/year) covers the enrollment and tuition costs (paid directly to the school) for one Non-Boarding student for one year.
    "Non-Boarding" students live at home with their families after their treatment is complete, and attend local schools.
  • £1.10 per day (£34/month, £408/year) covers the enrollment and tuition costs for one Boarding student for one year, plus food, school uniforms, books, miscellaneous school supplies, lodging at the rehabilitation home, and general medical care for 10 months out of the year.
    "Boarding students" are long-term residents at the rehabilitation home who return to their homes during school vacation periods only. These are generally children with special needs or those who assist the staff with the rehabilitation of new beneficiaries.

Education sponsors will receive a description of the child and his/her family, as well an annual picture of the child and letter from the child him/herself.

To become an Education Sponsor

1) Please click the 'donate online' button at the bottom of the page or follow this link. You will then be redirected to Just Giving. Just Giving is a secure payment site.

2) Simply donate the amount corresponding to the kind of sponsorship you would like to offer through the Just Giving site.

3) Send us a quick email to info@standproud.org.uk stating that you have made a donation and detailing the kind of sponsorship you are offering, for example: 'I am making a monthly donation of £15 for a non-boarding student's education.' Or 'I have donated £408 to cover one year of a boarding student's education'.

We will allocate you the next most urgent case on our beneficiary waiting list and send you an email detailing your sponsorship and requesting any further information we might need.

You can also sponsor a child as a gift on behalf of someone else. Simply include their name and address in your email and we will send them a thank you and sponsorship package.

If you would prefer to send us a cheque simply make it out to StandProud and send it to:

Unit 4
3 Wedmore Street
N19 4RU

accompanied by a note detailing the sponsorship you are offering and with your contact information.


  • Donors' gender and age preferences for a sponsored child, if such are specified, will be respected to the extent possible given the pool of candidate beneficiaries at the moment the donation arrives. Funds will, however, not be "held" until there is a gender/age match.


Please address any questions regarding the medical and education sponsorship programs to: info@standproud.org.uk

Restriction on "special gifts"
Since many StandProud beneficiaries are in frequent contact with each other, and since imbalances in assistance levels can cause hurt feelings, StandProud must keep benefits roughly equal. StandProud thus cannot accept to handle special gifts sponsors may wish to provide to a beneficiary, such as additional "pocket" money, clothes, toys, etc. For this same reason, in-person visits are also not encouraged. StandProud will, however, facilitate a supervised meeting of sponsor and child if informed sufficiently ahead of time and if all travel costs are covered by the sponsor.

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