Get Shops to Donate a Percentage of Your Online Purchases to StandProud

It takes seconds and is REALLY easy!

You can raise money on behalf of StandProud simply by making all your regular online purchases through Easy Fundraising.

Essentially, all you have to do is set up an account, which is quick and easy, and make StandProud the recipient charity of your purchases.

Then, every time you go online to buy something, be it through Amazon, Sainsbry's, John Lewis, Apple... you simply go to, search for the store on their site and click the link to be directed directly to the website you intend to purchase from. A percentage of your purchase will then automatically be given to StandProud.

So far, with only 10 users remembering to go through EasyFundraising each time they wish to make a purchase, £395 has been raised for StandProud.

If you allow the EasyFundraising site to give you prompts when you go to online shops you'll never forget to make the shops pay a little to a cause you love.

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