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You can send a cheque made out to 'StandProud' to:

Unit 4
3 Wedmore Street
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Alternatively you can make a one off online donation or set up a monthly direct debit online through our Just Giving pages. Simply click on the donate button below to be transferred to a secure payment site.

Please note, if you are a UK taxpayer we can claim gift aid on your donation, Just Giving automatically claims gift aid on our behalf if you click the gift aid box. If you are sending a cheque you can request a gift aid form from us.

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What Your Contribution Can Achieve

StandProud works to ensure that children with disabilities in the DRC have access to essential services and treatment that can increase their mobility and dignity.

The provision of orthopedic equipment and services is relatively inexpensive, allowing financial support to have a significant impact. For example, £60 can cover the cost of one half-length leg brace or £150 can cover the cost of one full-length leg brace. For a child who has not been able to stand or walk for many years and moves around only by crawling on all fours, $1300 would cover the surgery, bracing, and rehabilitation needed for them to gain mobility.