There are many ways to raise funds for StandProud.To raise money through sponsored events, asking your friends and family to sponsor you or some friends to do something, please see our 'Get Sponsored' page.

Fundraising ideas listed below include:
  • raising money to mark a special occasion
  • raising money in memory of someone you care about,
  • raising money through raffles, auctions, events, selling something, online shopping, social media and publicity...

Celebrating a Special Occasion

A birthday, wedding, civil partnership, christening or anniversary is a great opportunity to raise money for charity. 

Inspirational Stories and Ideas from our Supporters:

I'm turning 30 soon and have been thinking for some time about what would be the best way of marking the event. I don't want to have a party, I want to do something that enables me to give back to the world and to show my gratitude for 30 years of life, for which I am most fortunate.

I have decided to create a Just Giving page to mark my 30th birthday and have asked friends and family to make a donation online instead of giving me a gift. The target amount I want to raise is £1300.

£1300 will pay for the surgery, bracing and rehabilitation of a child who cannot walk. In this way, by enabling another person to walk and have better opportunities in life, I hope to show my gratitude for all the health and fortune I have enjoyed during these 30 years of my own life.

Thanks for the idea StandProud!


To get started on your fundraising page simply click on the button below.

Start fundraising with JustGiving

Raising money in memory

Honour the memory of someone you love by collecting donations for a cause they cared about.

Simply click on the button below to start making a page in their memory.

Fundraise in memory with JustGiving

Raising Money Through Raffles or Auctions

Why not have an auction or a raffle?

Throw a party or organise a social event and have a raffle or an auction with all moneys raised at your event going to StandProud. Alternatively you can see what fairs or public events are taking place and seek permission to hold a raffle or an auction on behalf of StandProud there.

You can increase your raffle ticket sales or the prices of your auction by marketing them online before the event. Tell us what you are planning by sending us an email at: and we will help you with online resources, ideas and publicity materials.

Worried about what to put in your raffle or auction? Thats the easy part. Simply tell all your friends and family that you are planning an auction or raffle to raise money for StandProud and ask them if they can give something to put in the raffle or auction. Think of all the people you know and what they do. We held an auction some years back and the items on auction included (all offered by friends and supporters) a meal for two at a London restaurant,  a hamper of Seggiano Italian fine food, a haircut at a local salon, a sculpture made by a local potter, a massage from a professional masseuse.... 

Remember, your local businesses and neighbours might have things they'd like to offer for an auction or a raffle too.

Raising Money Through an Event or Selling Things at an Event

There are many fun and effective ways to raise money including through events such as exhibitions, parties or social gatherings.

Some years back, before StandProud UK was a registered charity, StandProud supporters in the UK held a photographic exhibition of images from the Congo and our centres to raise money for StandProud US.

You don't need an expensive venue for an exhibition. We asked a friend if we could clear a space in their warehouse. We contacted photographer friends and asked them to contribute. We explained what we were doing to local printers and got printing at cost price. We publicised the event well in advance via email and then closer to the time we reminded everyone with official invites. We invited all our friends, family, neighbours and local businesses and asked them to invite all of their friends and family members. Local businesses provided free refreshments and we borrowed a projector to screen the 'Bracing for the Future' film, as seen on our homepage. At the exhibition we had an auction, a raffle, a cake stand and even a second hand clothes store and odds and ends table.

It cost virtually nothing, was lots of fun, made us all feel great and raised over £6000 in just one night.

Holding an exhibition is one kind of fun event and it doesn't have to be related to the Congo, it could be an exhibition of art work or photographs from artists you know. As long as the event is interesting and well publicised people will come and StandProud can provide you with publicity materials and ideas so that you can show people what a worthy cause their contribution is supporting.

You can charge entry to the event, ask for donations or you can make it free and hope that people purchase something or make a contribution inside.

Other kinds of events you could organise include:
  • themed parties
  • musical events
  • a theatre production
  • a car boot sale
  • a dance performance
  • a games party
  • a movie screening
The possibilities are endless, just think of what you would enjoy the most and what could be most effective.

Try Selling Something

As suggested above, selling things can be another way of raising money for a good cause and can be particularly effective at social events and gatherings. If you don't have a lot to sell you could ask around and let people contribute.

The more effort you make and the more interesting you make your product the more likely people will be to not only want to support StandProud through buying something, but also to show their appreciation of your effort.

Ideas that have worked in the past:

  • baking and selling cakes and refreshments
  • making and selling interesting and unique badges (out of plastic toys, drawings, sweets...)
  • making and selling tshirts sporting your unique designs
  • writing and selling poetry
  • making and selling paintings, drawings and photographs
  • making and selling jewelry
  • making and selling soaps
You can also sell things online. StandProud is registered with Giving Lots, a website through which you can put things on auction online on behalf of StandProud. This can also be an effective means of selling big or special items like a car or a free holiday... Simply visit Giving Lots, register yourself quickly and then click the 'donate an item link'. You will find StandProud in the dropdown list of charities to dedicate the sale of your donation to.

Online Shopping

There is a more detailed page dedicated to explaining how you can raise money on behalf of StandProud simply by making all your regular online purchases through Easy Fundraising.

Essentially, all you have to do is set up an account, which is quick and easy, and make StandProud the recipient charity of your purchases. Then, every time you go online to buy something, be it through Amazon, Sainsbry's, John Lewis, Apple... you simply go to, search for the store on their site and click the link to be directed directly to the website you intend to purchase from. A percentage of your purchase will then automatically be given to StandProud. So far, with only a few users remembering to go through EasyFundraising each time they wish to make a purchase, £109 has been raised for StandProud.

Also, if you're looking for car insurance:

If you are looking for car insurance any insurance booked through this price comparisions website: will raise £10 for StandProud. So far has donated £100 to StandProud. Thank you! also has a StandProud Just Giving fundraising page:

Social Media and Raising Awareness for StandProud

StandProud regularly makes appeals and organises fundraising events but we rely on our friends and supporters to spread the word about what we do and why we need your support. You could help us greatly by telling your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, email... why you support StandProud and what they can do to help.

Like our Facebook page and publish our appeals and stories to your own page, spreading the word.

Is there a work or school paper you could submit an article to about StandProud to? We can help you with information, pictures and ideas. Just email us at:

Can you think of any blogs, newspapers or magazines that could publish an article about StandProud or offer us free space for an appeal letter?

Do you know anyone that could help to spread word about StandProud?