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Sponsor a Child's Education
Sponsor a Child's Surgery and or Bracing

Sponsoring a child medically, enabling them to walk, or sponsoring their education and greater integration into society, is a fantastic way of directly contributing towards the well being of  another. You can sponsor a child yourself or as a gift on behalf of someone else.

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Why Choose StandProud?

Because of the unique nature of its assistance, StandProud can offer donors a more "direct" sponsorship relationship than many other organizations.

In the StandProud program, all funds contributed by sponsors go toward costs related to assisting specific disabled children and youth (though due to limitations of the accounting system, donations and individual beneficiary expenses are not tracked separately nor matched exactly).

StandProud sponsorship donations are NOT re-directed away from the sponsored children toward general "community benefit" development projects in the town where the child lives (as occurs with most other charities offering child sponsorships).

In organizing the sponsorship, the organization commits to financing the services described for the specific sponsored child (or to notifying the sponsor if for some reason this is no longer possible and proposing an alternative child).

Ideas About Raising Money for Group Sponsorship of a Child's Education or Medical Treatment or to Mark a Memory or Event

Going to school is considered an incredible privilege in the Congo and one of the few means by which you can increase your opportunities in life. Educational sponsorship can be a fantastic means of teaching privileged children the value of education for those that are less privileged. Fundraising for educational sponsorship at schools or among family and friends is thus mutually beneficial.

Please refer to our Fundraising page for more information if you are thinking of raising money through an event. Or, if you would like to create an event and invite others to sponsor you on behalf of StandProud, please see our Get Sponsored page.

Sponsoring a child's surgery and bracing is a fantastic reminder to most of us of how fortunate we are to have good health and access to medical care. Sponsorship in memory of someone else or to mark a birthday or anniversary provides a means of thanking the world for our fortune while enabling another to live their life to the full.

So, if you would like to sponsor a child's medical treatment or education but don't have all the funds, don't give up! Think about how you could be creative and ask friends, family and colleagues to join you in the effort. If you have any further questions, need materials, help or inspiration please don't hesitate to contact us: info@standproud.org.uk

Inspirational Stories and Ideas from our Supporters

I'm turning 30 soon and have been thinking for some time about what would be the best way of marking the event. I don't want to have a party, I want to do something that enables me to give back to the world and to show my gratitude for 30 years of life, for which I am most fortunate.

I have decided to create a Just Giving page (links and information are available on StandProud's 'Raise Funds' page) to mark my 30th birthday and have asked friends and family to make a donation online instead of giving me a gift. The target amount I want to raise is £1300.

£1300 will pay for the surgery, bracing and rehabilitation of a child who cannot walk. In this way, by enabling another person to walk and have better opportunities in life, I hope to show my gratitude for all the health and fortune I have enjoyed during these 30 years of my own life.

Thanks for the idea StandProud!


If you have an inspirational idea or story you would like to share with us please send it to: info@standproud.org.uk

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